Lexz Pryde Joins Ultra Music Festival Lineup - With Her HoverKicks!

Lexz Pryde Joins Ultra Music Festival Lineup - With Her HoverKicks!

The highlight of the EDM festival season, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida, is quickly approaching, projected to be more outlandish and popular than previous years. We’re a little more than a week away from the big event and we’re thrilled to announce that Lexz Pryde will be making her debut appearance with a brand new pair of HoverKicks!

Ultra Music Festival: What, When, and Where?

Ultra Music Festival topped the list in our previously posted greatest festivals list for edm and dancing enthusiasts. Why? Ultra is the ultimate electronic music festival experience! Some of the biggest acts in the world hit the stage over a three-day period and perform to enormous and eager audiences. More than 50,000 edmers per day attended the festival in 2015, with even more projected to attend for 2016.


Ultra Music Festival is a dream for people that are motivated by friends, music, and dancing. It is the pinnacle of the electronic dance calendar, with people from across the country—and the world—flying in to Miami for the three-day weekend. It covers all aspects of EDM, from dubstep and house, to trance and garage. Ultra is a haven for like-minded party-goers, where they can dress as lavishly as they want and dance, jump, and shuffle to their hearts content in the beautiful Miami sun.

This year’s lineup features a collection of some of the freshest and most relevant talent in the EDM scene, including Avicii, David Guetta, The Prodigy, Crystal Castles and many more of the best artists edm fans could wish for. We’re pumped to announce that this year, the amazing Lexz Pryde will be stepping onto the Live Stage on Sunday March 20th to perform for festival goers - while rocking her HoverKicks in the process!


This year, Ultra starts on Friday, March 18th and runs through Sunday, March 20th. Festival hours are 4pm-12am on Friday, 12pm-12am on Saturday and 12pm-11pm on Sunday.


In 2016, Ultra will once again be returning to its rightful home—Bayfront Park, Miami. The festival and the city have a long history of being the party capital of the country.

Fortunately, if you can’t make it to Miami for Ultra weekend, there is still an opportunity to strap on your light up shoes and get your shuffle on! This event will be live streamed across the globe via UMF TV so even those at home can partake in the fun. In fact, in 2015, over 100,000 people tuned into the live stream to experience Ultra for themselves.

What to Expect from Ultra Music Festival 2016

Music. It is in the name and it is on display. The three-day edmers paradise has been running for almost two decades and its size and popularity allow it to pull in some of the biggest artists from every facet of electronic dance music.  What’s more, Lexz Pryde will be making her debut Ultra Music Festival appearance on the final day of the event to close this year’s festival with a bang!

Of course, you can expect much more than just musical madness from the pivotal EDM event! No electronic festival would be complete without an assortment of brilliant—and often insane—outfits on show. Ultra is no different, offering an insight into the latest festival fashion trends on a large scale. 2016, however, is set to bring something different to the table. For the first time in the event’s history, LED shoes will be making an appearance. Both on the feet of some of EDM’s hottest artists, like Lexz Pryde, and on the feet of the revelers that make Ultra the biggest event on the EDM calendar!

Whether you’re in the crowd or watching from the comfort of your home via the live stream, you’ll see some spectacular and outlandish outfits drizzled with neon and rainbow colors -- but your eyes will be elsewhere. The Light up shoes of HoverKicks adorned feet will entrance you as they shuffle, kick, and jump around the venue—ensuring that their wearers’ moves are noticed!

Of course, that brings us onto the ultimate trademark of Ultra Music Festival. Dancing. People from all walks of life spend much of the three-day event doing very little other than dancing.

Shuffling: Ultra and Beyond!

It’s impossible to mention EDM and dancing in the same sentence without saying something about shuffling. We’ve previously talked about cutting shapes in recent posts, and that’s because it is an artform unto itself. If you’re visiting Ultra, or just plan on watching the highlights, you’ll see a plethora of talented dancers showing off their footwork that they have been practicing meticulously for this event.

With HoverKicks visiting Ultra for the very first time, you can expect light up shoes and HoverKicks to be all over your social media feeds—if they aren’t already.

Light up shoes allow shufflers across the country to express themselves in ways that were never before possible. By experimenting with lighting, locations, and tempo, popular shufflers are able to keep bringing fresh stuff to the social scene; and we’d expect this trend to continue at Ultra Music Festival and for a long time to come!

Who is Lexz Pryde?

Lexz is a model turned songwriter and recording artist from Pennsylvania. She’s already worked with some of music’s biggest and brightest stars, including Snoop Dogg and Blade Brown, and has also put on phenomenal shows in Tokyo and Korea.

This superstar of the electronic dance scene has already had a huge impact on social media, with almost 70,000 followers on Instagram, 24,000 Twitter fans, and over 40,000 on Facebook.

We’re proud to announce that HoverKicks will now be working in partnership with Lexz Pryde, where she will be promoting the light up shoes. In fact, we’ll even be featuring them at Ultra with the superstar—who you will see debuting a pair of our awesome light up shoes! What’s more, if you want to follow in the footsteps of Lexz (quite literally) with your own pair of HoverKicks, you’ll soon be able to get them straight from her website at www.lexzpryde.com!

The Future is Bright for Ultra, Lexz Pryde, Shuffling, and HoverKicks!

The massive scale of Ultra Music Festival, the immense talent of Lexz Pryde, the style and appeal of HoverKicks, and the strong following that shuffling has garnered can only mean one thing: all three are set to embed themselves further into the culture of EDM once the three-day event is over.



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