Part 2: How To Get Everyone Watching Your Shuffling Videos on Social Media

Part 2: How To Get Everyone Watching Your Shuffling Videos on Social Media

Last time around, we discussed the ins and outs of creating the very best shuffling video possible. We looked at everything from iPhone apps, professional grade cameras, locations, and lighting. As promised, we’re now going to delve deep into the world of marketing—so that you can reach as many people as possible with your epic dance videos!

Before We Begin, Make Your Video!

Before we can market it, you need to make it. Luckily, we created a guide that’ll ensure the footage of you cutting shapes gets seen by as many people as possible. If you’re struggling for inspiration or just want tips on cutting shapes on tap, give it a read; you won’t regret it!

A Shuffle through Social Media Marketing

Pick your Medium

When we discussed creating your video, we also mentioned the various platforms that shuffling videos are shared on. Focusing your video on every single video sharing site would become a full-time job, so it might work out best if you concentrate on two or three of the “big-hitters” at first!

Create a Winning Marketing Strategy

Your marketing efforts can be as serious or as casual as you’d like. The content in your footage is your decision, and how you share what you’ve created is, too. However, if being noticed among the multitude of dancers on the internet is your desire, you’ll want to create a social media marketing strategy.

We’ll keep it short so you can get to work on sharing your stuff more quickly. Here some key points that will help to get your videos in front of your target audience:

  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals – not only do goals and targets give you something to aim for, they allow you to see the progress that you’re making. Ensure they’re measurable and reasonable, set yourself a specified timeframe or deadline, and work hard at hitting them
  • Create a social media presence – you may already have a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, and an Instagram page. However, when you start getting inundated with requests, it can quickly become too much; using groups, pages, and lists will help to separate your personal life from your shuffling persona
  • Test, test, test – throughout your attempts to market your videos, try new things. This is where goals and targets come into it. If you measure your success, you’ll see a clear improvement (or lack of) when you change something up. This is known as AB testing, and it helps you to ensure that your efforts are being focused correctly.

In the end, the more preparation and planning that you put into your marketing strategy, the better chance you’ll have of being noticed. There are loads of dancers uploading their videos online and by having a strategy, you’ll already be one step ahead of the competition.


Social Media existed before Facebook. The fact is, however, none of them took off quite like Facebook did. That’s exactly why Facebook is probably the first thing that springs to your mind when you hear the phrase “social media.” In essence, it is the father of modern social media and with over one billion active users, it is unlikely to be going anywhere anytime soon—making it the perfect outlet for your shuffling videos!

Creating a Facebook Page

For this, we’re going to assume that you already have a Facebook profile—if not, check this out. You’ll find it much easier to create a page on a desktop or laptop, so if you have either of those, we’d suggest you use them. Simply visit and enter the details that are relevant.

For the best results, try the following when creating your page:

  • Make your page’s name relevant to shuffling
  • Make the profile and cover images relevant to shuffling, yourself or better yet, both
  • Put some thought into your about section
  • Add contact details; they let your fans get in touch!

Getting Facebook Fans

This is obviously quite important. After all, posting a video to a Facebook page with no fans is the cyber equivalent of a tree falling in an uninhabited forest—nobody will see it! Start by inviting everybody on your personal profile’s friends list to the page. Family, friends, colleagues—anybody who might be interested in supporting you (even if they’re not fans of shuffling themselves).

Of course, don’t repeatedly invite people if they don’t accept your first invitation! If they don’t want to follow your shuffling exploits, it’s their loss. Move on.

With that said, it is also worth sharing everything you post on your page with your friends on your personal profile. Those that didn’t accept your invitation may come round to the idea if they like the content you’re putting out!

There’s a lot to be said for how important it is to have a good following on your page, and to list all of the methods of increasing your fan base would take far too long—SME’s guide is equal parts succinct and awesome!

Uploading your Video to Facebook

Use Facebook as your page, then go to write a post, click the Photo/Video icon rather than entering text. Choose your shuffling video from your HDD/SSD and click upload. Add any supporting text or links and that’s about it. Your video is online and ready for the world—now you’ve just got to get it onto their screens!

Marketing your Video on Facebook

In the same vein as getting fans, your first port of call whenever you upload something to your page is to share it on your personal profile. Your friends and family may miss what is posted on your page. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what percentage of people who like your page see the posts appear in their news feed.

Next, you should take a look at the various shuffling and dancing groups and pages that you’re not affiliated with. Be vocal in their comments section, and occasionally throw a share in for good measure. Again, spamming links to your videos and page is not going to help—be an active part of the community and people will begin to see the value in your content.

Measuring your Success with Facebook Insights

Right at the beginning of this article, we told you to set goals. There’s just one problem. How do you track your goals? When you’re sharing content on a Facebook page, you get access to a very powerful tool: Facebook Insights.

Using insights, you can track almost anything. Your pages likes, your reach, popular times and days for posting, the type of content your audience prefer and a whole host of other useful data.

You can use this information in two ways. The first, and most obvious is to concentrate on what works. If your text posts aren’t doing well, but photos and videos are off the charts, you know that you should be sharing more multi-media and using text-based content less.

The other method of using insights is testing. Experiment with posting times, posting styles—whatever takes your fancy—and see the results. You might just find a way of increasing your likes and shares, and that is exactly what social media marketing is all about!


Facebook may have launched social media into the stratosphere, and it may continue to hold the spotlight, but Twitter brought the hashtag into the scene—and it has grown from strength to strength, now being used by the majority of social media platforms in one way or another. Twitter remains popular, and it is one of the easiest social sites to gain followers on, making it ideal when you’re first starting out.

Creating a Twitter Account

Making an account on Twitter is as simple as visiting the site and following the onscreen steps. Much like when you create a Facebook page, your best bet is to make your profile name, profile picture, cover image, and about section relevant to cutting shapes. This’ll help people to understand what you’re all about!

Getting Twitter Followers

Before you begin increasing the number of followers, take a look at your profile. Take the time to fill in any missing information, update the existing information, and make sure your account stands out among the crowd. You’d be surprised at how much a simple profile picture change can increase your following.

A simple way to get a few relevant followers is to start following personal accounts of people that will enjoy your content. Search for videos and tweets relating to shuffling, dancing, and EDM in general. Follow a few of those people and you’ll likely get followed back. If you’ve followed tweeters that are sharing content that others have posted, there’s a chance they’ll retweet your posts and videos, too.

Take part in Follow Friday (#FF). Simply pick some of your followers and include them in a #FF tweet—you’ll be surprised at how many people include you in their own!

As with anything on social media, there’s a myriad of things you can do to get people to follow you. So many ways, in fact, that we couldn’t possibly include them all here. To make up for that, here are 60 ways that you can grow your following!

Of course, if you’re following this article chronologically, then share your Twitter account on the Facebook page you just made—and your personal profile!

Finally, here’s a tip for keeping your followers. Look at your existing followers. If there are any on the list that you aren’t following back, give them a follow. When you’re looking at increasing your numbers, the last thing you want is for people to unfollow you because you gave them no love back!

Uploading your Video to Twitter

Beneath the text box where you’d normally enter a tweet, you’ll see a few icons. The left-most icon, a camera, will allow you to upload a photograph or video rather than a standard tweet. Click that. Then, choose the video you wish to share and upload it. Easy!

Marketing your Video on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter is going to include hashtags. Lots of hashtags. We covered practically everything you need to know about hashtags in one of our previous posts, and it is well worth a read if you haven’t seen it yet.

So, hashtags. When you post a tweet, whether it is text or video, you should be using hashtags relevant to the content. If you’re posting a picture of your kitten, don’t splatter it with #shuffling and #shapes! Use hashtags that connect to your post, and people that are looking for that content will find it—and enjoy it!

If you’re not sure what hashtags are popular in the shuffling scene, using a simple online tool can be of great help. When searching for shuffling, you can see that there’s a wide number of related hashtags. By experimenting and combining different ones, you may just find new ways of reaching your potential audience.


Here are some ideas for hashtags to use when you’re trying to get the word out about your new Twitter profile!

#shuffling, #shuffle, #cuttingshapes, #edm, #house, #rave, #raverbaby, #hoverkicks, #dance, #dancing, #girlsthatshuffle, #melbourneshuffle, #shufflers, #dancers, #justshuffle, #NYshuffle, #ultramusicfestival

Measuring your Success with Twitter Analytics

As with most social media platforms these days, Twitter offer their own analytics package that displays vital information about your account. Tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers are all accounted for and shown clearly—with percentage-based growth figures handily in sight.

As well as showing you information on your profile, Twitter also gives you an insight into your followers. The key players that have mentioned or followed you on a monthly basis are all available for review—allowing you to track your peers while you track your information.

As with Insights, analytics can help you to strengthen your marketing efforts where needed, adjust your strategy for improved growth, or even test new ideas that crop up—for free!


Instagram started life as a check-in style app, much like FourSquare. The founders soon realized that users loved the image sharing capabilities of the application much more than its intended use. Without hesitating, they completely redesigned Instagram and created a simple and intuitive photo sharing app. Six years and a one billion dollar acquisition later, and Instagram is the social media superstar that we know and love today!

Creating an Instagram Page

Getting onto Instagram requires the application. Without it, you can’t have an account—but it is definitely worth downloading the app and creating an account for sharing shuffling videos. Of all of the social media video sharing solutions, it is quite possibly the one that cutting shapes is most popular on.

Getting Instagram Followers

Like any social media site, you have to start somewhere—and much like charity, it is best to start at home. Add your friends, family, and associates first. These will be the easiest followers that you’ll ever get.

Next, make sure that you’re worth following. Add content, share other peoples’ stuff, and interact with the community as a whole. Quick Sprout found that for every 100 likes they gave out, they got around six followers—not an enormous amount, but it adds up quickly!

Much like the “Twitter-sphere,” hashtags are important for getting noticed on Instagram. Use relevant hashtags (many of those listed beneath Twitter apply to Instagram, too) so that people interested in shuffling can find and enjoy your videos, photos, and comments.

Timing is important on Instagram. It’s been proven that 2 am and 5 pm EST are the most effective times to post content onto Instagram, so it might be worth bearing in mind!

Much like Twitter, a quick way of getting some followers who love shuffling as much as you is to follow people from the community. There’s a good chance that many of them will follow you back—and that simply adds to the pool of people available to share your content!

For more brilliant tips to increase your Instagram follower count, check out Forbes’ list; it’s got 50 free ways of increasing the number of followers and is well worth a look!

Uploading your Video to Instagram

If you’ve captured and edited your video from you iPhone or Android device, sharing a video to Instagram is simple. Tap the bottom of the app, as you would for image sharing, and change the mode to video. Then, choose the video you want to upload from your device’s memory and apply the text, tags, and hashtags you want.

If you’ve used your computer to edit the video with a powerful NLE, it’s a little trickier, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Marketing your Video on Instagram

As with all social media marketing, interacting with the community is the way to get your shuffling seen on Instagram. By liking and sharing the content that others put out there, you get more followers—and that often means getting your own stuff shared!

Making use of hashtags is vital to succeeding when it comes to Instagram. By using the same hashtags as similar profiles, and the hashtags of events that ravers and shufflers attend, you open the door to more followers and again, more exposure.

Measuring your Success with Instagram Insights

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, both platforms’ insights solutions are very similar. Again, you can get lots of useful information just by looking into your account insights—and this can then be used to focus your marketing efforts, or test for untapped growth strategies!

You’ve Passed Social Media Marketing 101 – Go Promote Yourself!

After reading our guide to creating the perfect shuffling video, and then this overview of marketing yourself on three of the biggest social media sites, you’re already a step closer to social stardom. It is important to remember that you can do absolutely everything right, but it will still take time for your efforts to gain traction. Don’t get disheartened if you reach doesn’t quadruple on a nightly basis—your moves are fresh, your videos are sick, and your profiles are optimized. Success will come!

Since you’re already way ahead of the competition, why not throw on a pair of HoverKicks LED sneakers; then you’ll be light-years ahead!


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