8 EDM Trends You Need This Summer

As summertime approaches, excitement mounts among EDM fans and with that come EDM trends. There are new artists to be discovered, and new releases to be anticipated from old favorites. If you live in a major city, one or more of your favorite touring artists will probably be coming to your area, and no matter where you live, chances are that there will be a festival within a day’s drive of your town.

And on top of the music, there are numerous lifestyle-oriented trends to keep track of—clothes, new dance moves, etc. And so, without further ado, here are the top eight EDM trends expected for this summer:

New Artists

It’s only May, and 2016 is already promising to be a memorable year for new EDM artists. If you haven’t heard Marshmello’s debut yet, you owe it to yourself to go have a listen as soon as you finish reading this article. Of course you could be forgiven for not having heard of Marshmello, as the anonymous producer has deliberately cultivated his anonymity in the hope that fans will focus more on his music than on his personality.

EDM fans on the lookout for new artists to check out should also take note of twenty-year-old sensation Rezz, whose fans include such EDM royalty as Deadmau5.

New Releases by Established Artists

Speaking of Deadmau5, his eighth studio album should be out sometime later this year. The duo known as Jack Ü (comprising Diplo and Skrillex, as if you didn’t know) are expected to release a follow-up to their 2015 debut sometime this year.


Music festivals are the very soul of EDM as an art form. At a nightclub or an ordinary rave you may hear a handful of local DJs playing for a crowd of a few dozen people, but at a festival you can discover dozens of new artists and share the experience with thousands of fellow EDM aficionados. In early summer there is the Escapade Festival in Ottowa, Canada, and as Labor Day Weekend approaches EDM fans who live in the Southwestern United States can begin gearing up for The Sun City Music Festival in El Paso, Texas … unless, of course, they’re going to Burning  Man.


Fashions come and go, someone once said, and the more they change, they more they stay the same. Certain clothing fashions will always be popular at EDM festivals and raves—bright colors and glow-in-the-dark accessories, etc.—but every once in a while something new and surprising comes along to make even the most jaded EDM fan do a double take. This summer we can expect that something to be light-up LED sneakers. What sight could be more hypnotic than a darkened dance floor filled with fast-moving, multicolored bright lights attached to the feet of every dancer present?

Dance styles

The popularity of poi at EDM festivals continues to grow unabated, and fire poi can be even more fascinating to watch than dancers wearing LED shoes! Shuffling is also expected to maintain its current level of popularity, even among people who aren’t really very good at it.

Whatever your prefered style of dance, you should remember that safety is a paramount concern at EDM events, and never attempt any dance maneuver you can’t perform safely.

Touring Artists

Nothing beats the thrill of seeing your favorite artist up close in a live setting. This summer will see tours by some of the best known EDM artists, including Deadmau5 (who will be swinging through the Midwest in June before playing a July show in Toronto), Skrillex (who is coming to Las Vegas in July), Calvin Harris and DJ Snake (both of whom will also be in Las Vegas throughout the summer), and Zedd.


The Internet is an infinite resource, and it offers EDM fans no shortage of places to go for information about their favorite artists, EDM fashions, lifestyle-related stories, and more. Some of the best sources of information about EDM trends include edm.com, YourEDM, and EDMTrain, just to name a few.  Local alternative weekly newspapers—such as the LA Weekly, or New York’s Village Voice, for example—are also great sources of information about what’s new in the EDM world, including new album releases and tour dates.


If you’re planning to do any traveling this summer, you may want to know where the best places are to go dancing and hear what’s new and hot in EDM. If you’re REALLY a big EDM fan, you may even want to consider moving to a place where there’s a vibrant, exciting EDM scene. According to thatdrop.com, the five best EDM cities in America right now are Chicago (home of the Third Rail Music Festival), Los Angeles (one of two cities that can be considered Ground Zero for popular culture in the US), New York (the other one), Miami (home of the world famous Ultra Music Festival), and Las Vegas (where Skrillex, DJ Snake, Calvin Harris, and many other artists are in residence throughout this summer).

So start packing for those festivals, lace up those LED sneakers, and charge up whatever device you listen to music on: this summer is going to be an exciting one for fans of EDM. Maybe we’ll see you at the Escapade Festival, or maybe we’ll see you in Las Vegas; either way, we hope to see you dancing!




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