Get Your First Look at the Ultimate Light Up Sneaker Accessory

Festival season has finally arrived and EDM fans across the nation are preparing to hit the road in order to see their favorite artists perform! While you’re busy packing your bags with all of your concert essentials, you won’t want to forget the latest festival fashion trends.

We’re excited to introduce you to the new HoverKicks Remote Control Upgrade Kit – just in time for the beginning of summer. Your favorite light up sneakers just became easier to use.

Get Ready to Glow This Year

EDM festivals give you the opportunity to have fun with glow lights and color, so don’t be afraid to go all out. LED sneakers are the perfect chance for this, and we’ve just updated them with our new remote control kit to enhance your concert experience.

If you’re camping out, be sure to double check whether or not the festival you’re attending has electrical outlets. Many festivals, like Firefly, do have limited outlets and charging stations. Not only do you want to be able to charge your smartphone, you’ll need to plug in your shoes too!

Check out the reasons why you don’t want to miss out on the latest sneaker accessory:

You Won’t Miss a Second of the Show

Forget about missing any moments from Bassnectar’s set while you were busy reaching into your shoe to change the settings. We’re giving you a better way to access the range of color changing modes because our light shoes deliver even more functionality with the upgrade kit.

This kit allows you to control the LED options on your shoes with a remote control instead of manually doing it yourself. Now you can conveniently switch between colors and different settings without having to bend over and dig inside your sneakers. 

Upgrading is Inexpensive

You can snatch up one of the upgrade kits whether you already have HoverKicks or are currently looking to invest in a brand new pair of the light up sneakers. Getting your hands on the remote won’t cost you an arm and leg either. Double the fun doesn’t mean we’ve doubled the price.

If you’re shopping for a brand new pair of HoverKicks, you can purchase the kit as an add-on feature for only $20 with select styles. They’ll be compatible with the remote right out of the box because we’ll install the battery for you.  

But maybe you’re testing out your first set of light shoes and aren’t quite ready to upgrade just yet. That’s okay – we know you’ll be obsessed with them –  you’ll still have the option to come back and get the remote control by itself. It costs just $25 to buy the kit alone when you already own a pair of HoverKicks, and you can install the remote control battery at home.

It’s Easy to Install

Installing your new remote control is quick and effortless – you simply need to replace the battery. Loosen up the shoelaces and move the tongue of the sneaker out of the way. After you slip the insole out, you’ll find the battery compartment inside the bottom of the shoe. Once you lift up the flap covering the compartment, you’re ready to remove the old battery.

It’s important to be gentle on the next step since battery wires are delicate. You’ll want to ensure these wires are out of the way as you pull the battery from the bottom sole. When you’ve removed the original battery from the sole, detach the two connectors from it.  You’re all set to place in your new remote control operated battery!

9 More Colors to Choose From

The original HoverKick models offer 7 static color options. The new remote control set doubles the number of choices and allows you to experience 16 static colors instead. Now you can really put on a show.

All of the previous colors (red, green, blue, purple, and teal) are still available – but now we’ve added in yellow, orange, white, pink, and other shades. Plus, you’ll also have the ability to change between 5 color changing LED modes.

Which Shoes Have the Remote?

All of the products we carry have the capability to be upgraded with the remote control kit, with the exception of the Luna shoes. Our Luna model excludes this offer because they already come equipped with a remote control and it’s included in the price.

Are you into high tops or low tops? Solid colored shoes or cool and funky prints? No matter what your sneaker style is, we’ve got you covered with the choice to take your LED light up shoes to the next level.

Save Yourself Time and Battery Life

Currently, you have to click through all of the color options on your HoverKicks in order to turn off the lights. Now you’ll no longer have to go through that process because the remote control has built-in on-off buttons!

These buttons are easy to locate at the top of the remote control and offer better accessibility. You’ll have the choice to turn off the lights with ease in between performances, allowing you to extend the life of a battery before you have to recharge it.

Stand Out in the Crowd

You can create your own innovative light show with your upgraded sneakers. Using the remote control allows you to rapidly switch between colors and modes with ease. Go back and forth between multiple effect settings like strobe, fade, smooth, or flash.  

EDM fans are known for being a friendly and supportive group. Meeting new friends and connecting with a group of people is part of what makes the EDM festival experience so amazing. Maybe you’re not sure how to strike up a conversation with others, and that’s okay. Large festival crowds can be intimidating, but these awesome kicks are sure to start a discussion after you amaze your fellow concert-goers with a display.

You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Get the ultimate festival experience this summer. We can’t wait to take our personal light shows along. If you need a refresher tutorial on the installation or how to charge your LED sneakers, be sure to check out the user manual.

Are you ready to elevate your light up shoes now? Shop the Remote Control Upgrade Kit today!




Were can I buy these for my grandson.Size 1 and a half.


i want those shoes


i just got a pair with a remote inside and i dont know how to work it or open the remote

Cristina Genita

I was wondering if u get the shoes with the remote can u still turn it on, on the shoes

Lucas Dias

hello I would like you guys sell their shoes to Brazil as well. I am Brazilian and I really wanted those shoes What would you do to help me ? thank you !


Hi Tashani, the remote control upgrade comes with two replacement batteries that work with the shoe. It should become compatible and respond to the commands of the Total Control Remote.


They are great! I love the shoes and I have the upgrade kit but if I replace the battery I’m not sure if the actual sneaker will work. Please help me with tips


I just order them and they are the best thing ever thank you for the shoes


Yeah Baby! I Love My Hoverkicks!

I ordered the New remote Control. But I broke one of the Leads in my Right Shoe.
Be careful Installing them.
I’ going to Order Me a New Pair Tonight with Remote Control!

Kurtis Blow Walker

Hey love it


Do you need to buy the regular remote if your buying the remote upgrade kit?

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