15 Fun Back to School Items: Your Cheat Sheet

It’s time for a fresh start.

You might have already picked up the essentials. But every year it’s the the same, even if you tried to get ahead of the game. You always end up having to go back to the store to pick up items that got left off.

Pencils, notebooks and calculators are all traditional items you expect to show up on a school-recommended supply list. But who says you can’t get creative with back-to-school shopping? You have to carry school supplies around with you all day — they should reflect your personality and style.

We’ve rounded up a list of the coolest items to take along this semester, including DIY locker decorating tools and high-tech LED accessories.

Check out our favorites.

15 Must-Have Back to School Supplies

1. HoverKicks Game Day Light Up Sneakers

HoverKicks Light Up Shoes

It’s that time of year again. Get game day ready and show your team spirit this fall. We’re introducing five new styles in matte leather just in time for the upcoming season. Our latest Game Day collection features low top and high top styles so you can choose your best fit.

We’re releasing fresh versions of our bestselling designs — including the Nova, Luna and Super Nova styles. Each option also comes with a free remote control already installed and ready to use right out of the box. We’re carrying them in sizes for both adults and big kids to enjoy.

2. Yoobi Lanyard

Yoobi Lanyard

You won’t want to start off the school year by losing a set of keys or your school ID. Keep track of them all day long with a Yoobi Lanyard. Investing in an inexpensive lanyard necklace could save you from a major headache down the road.

This fun graphic print design was created in collaboration with Pharrell Williams. It’s inspired by DIY artwork that you might find resembles those doodles you scribbled in your notebook during math class.

3. Emoji Locker Magnets

Emoji magnets

Liven up your locker with entertaining Emoji magnets. There are 96 included in this pack alone! These magnets look just like the emojis from your phone — they’re nickel sized replicas of smiley faces, hearts, and monkeys.

Just be on the lookout if you start to notice any have gone missing. Your friends are definitely going to want to steal their favorite emojis for their own locker. And really, who could blame them?

4. Glow Headphones

Glow Headphones

Riding the bus home from school? Sometimes even a short trip can seem like it takes a lifetime. Enhance your ride with the beats of music pulsating through your ears. Your headphones can glow just like your HoverKicks.

Glow Headphones are earbuds with cords that are designed to glow on beat to the sound of whatever song you play. They’ll last 2-8 hours depending on how bright you want the setting, which is plenty of time to get you home.

5. Neon Clouds Unisex Hoodie

Neon Clouds Hoodie

A common dilemma of going back to school at the end of the summer: it’s still hot outside but your classrooms are freezing. Bring a comfy layer that’s easy to shed when you exit the hallways in the afternoon.

This Neon Clouds Hoodie is perfect for air conditioning that is set on blast, concerts and upcoming fall events. All over prints are trending big right now, and the vibrant cloud graphics makes this suited for both guys and girls.

6. Right Pack Street Backpack


Step up your backpack game this year with a streetwear approved backpack. Grab this Jansport bag for a style that was created in collaboration with street artists. This classic brand is known for providing backpacks that will last, but their latest designs kick it up a notch.

This bag has an interior laptop sleeve, a lush suede bottom, and a front pocket for stashing your smaller items in. If this graphic print backpack isn’t your style, they carry dozens of other colors and prints too.

7. Five Star Locker Light

Locker Light

Running late to class because you couldn’t find your homework assignment in your dark locker?  Locate everything you need in record time with the quick push of a button. A locker light brightens up your locker with an LED glow.

Pick from four different colors to light up your locker with. It’s built with a magnet back that you can easily stick anywhere in your locker (and they swear it won’t fall down when you slam the door shut).

8. Hoverkicks New Styles of LED Shoes

Hoverkick Venice with Remote Control

We’re bringing you six fresh light up sneaker designs to go back to school with. Our LED shoes are still brighter than ever and now they come in new fashion forward designs. We’ve got you prepared to hit the hallways in the trends you’ve been looking for.

The latest Hoverkicks sneakers come in sizes for the entire family and they look awesome with the lights on OR off. We’re offering bold designs that feature high shine, metal hardware, or graphic designs. Find out more about your next pair of back to school kicks.

9. Cartoon Backpack

Cartoon Backpack

Cartoon style 2D backpacks started popping up in stores in the last couple of years, but the trend is starting to spread this fall. These optical illusions bring drawings into the real world, and you’re sure to get a lot of stares when you rock one on your back.

Be prepared for photo requests and a lot of a questions. These pop art bags are seriously trippy — they look like an animated cartoon actually came to life. If you’re feeling nostalgic for Saturday morning cartoons you need this backpack.

10. Funky Pins

Pins for Back To School

Decorate your backpack, snapback or a denim jacket with one of the biggest fashion accessories of the entire year: enamel pins. Are you into music, artwork, or pop culture? You name it, and there’s a pin for it.

Pins have become popular as another form of self-expression, but also as a collector’s item. Step inside of any music festival and you’re sure to see people swapping pins. They’re the perfect mini souvenir item.  

11. Earphone Holders

Earbud Holders

Tired of digging around inside of your backpack for tangled up earbuds? Store them with an earbud case that will protect your headphones and make them easier to find. It’s a win-win.

These earbud holders are specifically designed to stay tangle-free. You can instantly locate one of the brightly colored cases inside of your backpack, but the device is made of silicon — so it’s flexible enough to slip into your back pocket.

12. Tablet Cover  

Tablet Cover

Accidents happen, no matter if you’re an adult, teen or a kid. If trying to decipher the words behind a smashed screen is a familiar scenario to you, don’t waste any time getting a tablet case this semester. Protect your tablet in style.

Whether you have an iPad, Kindle or Android device, there’s plenty of options for you. Do you need a sturdy tablet cover that will stay safe inside your backpack? Go for a silicon case that stands up to wear and tear. Looking for something a bit chicer? There’s a sleek leather cover waiting for you. It’s an affordable accessory that promises to be your next lifesaver.

13. Galaxy Pencil Pouch

Cool Pencil Case

Staying organized can be fun too. And a lot less stressful.

This bright mini backpack is actually a pencil case, but the separate compartments help you keep track of your stuff. Stash your white out and erasers in the tiny pocket. Up to 35 pens, pencils and markers will fit in the larger pouch. A vivid all over print will match your galaxy-inspired hoodies and t-shirts.

14. String Lights

LED light up string lights

Brighten up your day and make your locker your own this school year.

You can hang photos and light up your locker at the same time with decorative LED string lights. Print out some of your best summer memories from Instagram to help you get through the day. Your friends will secretly envy your awesome personalized locker style.

15.  Metallic Gel Pens

Gel Pens

Add some personality to note-taking with metallic gel pens. This 3 pack (it comes in gold, silver and black) will start you off for the semester, but we’re warning you. You’re going to become addicted.

Each pen writes smoothly without skipping. No matter how fast you’re trying to jot down what your teacher is saying. You’ll eliminate the trouble of having to decipher what you scrawled across your notebook when you need to study for an exam. Each pen comes in a fully pigmented shimmering metal.

Start Checking Off Your List

We know school expenses can quickly add up, but these cool items won’t break the bank. Make this school year the greatest one yet. The best school supplies are fun but express the unique you — while keeping you focused and excited to learn. Sometimes a fresh start is all you need.




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