5 Essential Tips You Need to Know to Become a Pro Dancer

You know that amazing hip hop dancer you just saw on TV? They didn’t start yesterday.

Imagine if you were the performer standing up on that stage instead. You're practically shaking from nerves, but you decide to use that energy as fuel to motivate you. The spotlight is fixed brightly on you. (It’s making you drip in sweat too, but you don’t even notice.) Every slide, shuffle, and hit causes you to lose yourself further in the music.

You’ve come alive in the moment and it’s completely exhilarating.

How do you reach that level of skill? There are 5 essential tips you need to follow first.

1. Make a Youtube Account

Whether you’re brand new to shuffling or you’ve been cutting shapes for years, creating a YouTube account dedicated to your craft is a total must. We live in a world where you can learn anything from YouTube now – including how to dance. If you’re just starting out, you can begin picking up the basics from video tutorials.

After you’ve become a better dancer, building up a following can help you get your name out there. Not only does having followers give you more credibility, but you can land jobs off YouTube too. It can be a music video or a commercial – plenty of entertainers have been found on this social media platform.  

Did you know Justin Bieber got his start on YouTube? He may not be a dancer, but he’s one of the biggest performers in the world right now and it’s thanks to being discovered by Usher from his videos.

The key is posting regularly, even if it’s just footage of you practicing. Make yourself standout by dancing in a pair of light up sneakers. In a sea of over a billion YouTube users, lacing up into a pair of HoverKicks brings originality that will increase your likes, comments, and views.

2. Keep Practicing Every Day

Practicing daily is simple advice, right? But it’s harder than you think. No matter how much you love moving to the beat, somedays you just won’t feel like getting up. These are the days it becomes crucial to push through and make training a habit.

Put in the effort to rehearse daily (even if you only have time for 15 minutes), and you’re guaranteed to improve. If you want to become a professional you have to become serious about your art form. Research and pay attention to what other dancers are doing. Urban dance forms and shuffling are constantly evolving, so keep up with latest styles and learn how to execute new moves.

Even if you’re starting late in the game, you can catch up with constant practice. Especially if you cross trainstay in shape by going to the gym and exercising in order to reach your physical peak. Remember, you don’t want to only become a good dancer. You want to climb to the top.

3. Learn from Different Teachers

If you’re self-taught, you can advance by studying from dancers who are already pros. Try taking diverse workshops or classes. You get the opportunity to work with instructors who will tell you what you’re doing wrong (nobody’s perfect), and how to get better.

You need exposure to other dancers and constructive criticism in order to reach a professional level. Search for classes at studios like Open House Family that specifically teach forms of urban dance related to house music. They hold regular classes every week but also bring in pros for special workshops.

Maybe you live in a smaller town and don’t have access to dance classes in major entertainment cities like Los Angeles or New York City. You can still take classes from local studios during the school year and apply to attend a dance camp over the summer.

4. Perform in Front of People

The most important part of becoming a professional shuffler is being able to perform on the stage. You’re becoming a pro entertainer so you need to make sure you can really entertain people, and hit when it matters most. Just like you rehearse at home or the studio, you should practice performing too.

Get experience by showing off on the dance floor of your local nightclubs or when you’re jamming at a music festival to a set by Calvin Harris

Cutting shapes in a pair of the brightest Hoverkicks will definitely wow everyone. Have a friend record your own dance concert and add it to your channels including YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram. Posting it to your social media grows your audience and ensures everybody knows you’re the real deal.

5. Start Auditioning

Once you’ve built an audience and have the dance skills to back it up, set off in search for professional dancing roles. Preparing for an audition means being ready for anything to happen. Choreograph your own solo, because there’s a good chance you could be put on the spot during the audition.

Learn about the act or company you’re trying out for too. If you’re auditioning for an Afrojack music video, brush up what type of movement is featured in his other music videos. Research what type of clothing you should wear if it’s your first audition. You want to stand out, but not in the wrong way!

Lastly, know it’s okay if you make a mistake. Everyone will at some point, but what matters is how you react it it. Brush it off. You’ll let the choreographer know you’re not a diva, but somebody who strives for improvement and is easy to work with.

Don’t Give Up When it Gets Tough

That amazing dancer you saw on TV can be you.

No matter what level of dance you're currently at, you can become a professional too. It's not going to be easy. There will be times where you wonder why you're putting yourself through the training. Remind yourself it's worth it. It takes a lot of hard work, but if you stay motivated you can realize your dreams too.


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If you want to learn how to dance, you should take a class at a local dance studio or watch tutorials on YouTube. Trust me, I’ve been dancing for 12 years :)

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