10 Reasons Why Grown-Ups Wear Light-up Shoes, Too!

 10 Reasons Why Grown-Ups Wear Light-up Shoes, Too!

Recently, you may have noticed that a blast from the past has been making a bit of a comeback. No, not Vanilla Ice or Perms. We’re talking about a must have fashion accessory that almost every kid owned at least once during the nineties. Again, if you’re thinking of bangles or massive earrings, you’re wrong!

Remember those sneakers with LEDs in the heels, which lit up every time you took a step? Thought so.

Well, they’re back—and they’re bigger and better than ever! Plus, they’ve done a whole lot of growing up over the past decade or so. No longer do they simply light up with each step, they’re fully rechargeable and can even be turned on or off, depending on your mood! At HoverKicks, we realized something: being an adult is pretty boring. So we wanted to recapture the magic of yesteryear in a way which kids and adults could both appreciate—and we decided the whole sole should light up!

Why do Adult LED Sneakers Exist, then?

In recent years, footwear seems to have gotten a little bit dull. Uniqueness seems to have gone out of the window, and innovation seems to have been replaced with a mentality towards the “tried and tested”. While this is great for designers (less work!) it is not so great for customers who want something a little bit different. 

At HoverKicks, we realized it was about time that the sneaker market had a little bit of life injected into it. We decided that we wanted to bring three “Fs” to the footwear industry: functional, fashionable, and fun. Deciding on something that could be all three of those was tough—it took a while for it to dawn on us…

Footwear didn’t need something new. It needed something that was popular in the past to be reimagined and reborn. Like a light bulb in our collective minds, LED sneakers appeared. However, we knew that the LED sneakers we remembered simply would not do. Why should kids have all of the fun? They shouldn’t—and that’s exactly why HoverKicks are bringing youthful style back to the adult footwear market.

The reasons were plentiful, and we’ve taken the liberty of discussing a few in this article!


We mentioned it previously, but it is well worth repeating. We wanted to design a sneaker that was not only stylish but practical, too. In all walks of life, lighting and “being seen” have a significant impact on safety. A great example of this is the U.S government’s BTS reports—with the figures showing that “dark but lighted” conditions have up to a 50% reduction in accident occurrence over “dark” conditions.

1. Running at Night

Running at night can be extremely dangerous—take a look at this video and you’ll quickly realize how difficult it is to see a runner while it is completely dark outside. By the time you’re visible in the headlights of a vehicle, it may already be too late. With the entirety of both of your soles lit up by our bright LED shoe colors, there’s every chance that a driver will see you in cases where they otherwise would not.

2. Workplace Safety

Health and safety laws generally enforce the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) in dark and dangerous workplaces. However, industries such as retail and foodservice often have dark areas, and often those places neither require nor encourage the use of safety boots or high-visibility clothing. Unfortunately, many workplace accidents and injuries are caused by one party not being seen—and since servers and retail staff would look out of place wearing hi-visibility clothing and steel-toed boots.

3. Dog Walking

Up to half of the households in America have a dog—that’s a total of between 70-80 million four-legged friends—and if you happen to share your home with a pup, you’ll know that a good walk really gets Fido’s tail wagging! The problem is that, sometimes, drivers find it hard to see you and your furry friend crossing the road. Fortunately, light up shoes fall within the list of reflective clothing that can help reduce dog walking accidents.

4. Cycling

Ever drive down the road and not seen a cyclist until it was almost too late? Maybe you have been on the other end of this as the cylist. In fact, nine out of ten drivers find it difficult to see cyclists. In fact, a majority of motorists actually say that they are surprised when somebody just “appears” on a bike.

This obviously poses a real risk to cyclists, regardless of how sensible they are and how safely they ride. Our attention-grabbing soles could indeed prevent you from becoming another statistic—and the comfort and flair of our sneakers mean that you can ride in style!


Of course, function isn’t everything when it comes to footwear. Your sneakers make a statement about you—they can encapsulate exactly who you are and display your personality to the entire world. With that in mind, the mind boggles as to why so many companies design unattractive and bland footwear!

We decided that footwear should be fancy, and that’s why our LED light up sneakers allow you to truly express yourself. It’s not just the lights that make our footwear different, either! Thanks to a broad range of styles to fit all tastes, there’s something for everybody!

5. Attention Grabbing

If you really want to get people’s eyes on you—no matter where you are—there’s a broad range of truly outspoken designs in the HoverKicks range. Combined with light up soles, some of our boldest designs are absolutely sure to get people talking.

However, if you’re more shy and retreating, we do have plenty of subtle yet stylish designs to suit your needs—and thanks to the LED soles, you’ll still be able to grab the attention of everybody in the room when your inner extrovert cries out!

6. Conversation Starters

Plenty of people find it difficult to make friends after college. It is a fact of life that once you’ve completed your education, you rarely find yourself thrust into new social groups—you have to go out there and make friends on your own!

It comes natural to some, but to others, it’s a nightmare. If you don’t like meeting new people, you’re not alone.

One of the best ways of meeting new people is to start a conversation. Fortunately, if you’re wearing HoverKicks, you probably won’t have to bother—people will want to start a conversation with you, starting with your sneakers!

7. Styles for all Tastes

We have loads of LED light up shoes, in all styles and shapes; you won’t find it difficult to find a pair of kicks that you love! You can think of all of the practical reasons in the world for choosing a set of sneakers, but ultimately, finding a style that is “truly you” is always going to be a deciding factor!


After all, what’s life without a little fun? Unfortunately, as we get older, we gradually lose the magic and freedom of childhood. Jobs, bills, and responsibility slowly but surely seem to drain a lot of the excitement out of life. Luckily, HoverKicks’ grown up LED light up shoes can well and truly reignite the passion and spark that we all once had as kids!

8. Dancing

“Dance like nobody is watching,” the old adage goes. However, when you throw on a pair of HoverKicks, you’ll be able to dance knowing that absolutely everybody is watching! Whether you’ve got the moves like Jagger, or you fancy yourself as a little Chris Brown, your illuminated soles will make your moves pop like never before!

9. Playing with Pets

Ever seen your cat or dog chase a laser pointer? It’s pretty entertaining—in fact, it can be downright hilarious! Now, imagine the excitement on your kitty or pup’s face as they get to have all that fun—but with you as the main event? Not only can HoverKicks help you walk your dog safely, but they can also provide you and your pet with hours of fun together!

10. Matching with your Kids

Did we mention that although our LED light up sneakers are grown up, we also have a range for children? If you’re after some seriously fun parent-child bonding time, try doing any of the activities that we’ve listed in this article with your kids—while you both look awesome in your HoverKicks!

Functional, Fashionable, and Fun—the HoverKicks Way

Function, fashion, and fun are central to the HoverKicks ethos. Our goal was to allow people to truly express themselves through footwear that is safe, stylish, and exciting—and we definitely feel that we achieved that!


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