Shuffling Part 2: Why Social Media Has Gone Crazy Over Shuffling

 Shuffling Part 2: Why Social Media Has Gone Crazy Over Shuffling

You may remember our previous article, which was about everything shuffling. We talked about its origins, the subculture, and how LED sneakers have brought a whole new element to the lifestyle. Whatever social media apps or sites you visit, you’ve no doubt seen girls “shuffling” or “cutting shapes.” It seems that no matter which corner of the World Wide Web you choose to reside in, you’re not too far from a dancer who has some sick moves—if you enjoyed that content, then we’re sure you’ll love this offering! In this article, we’re going to share some of the highlights of the social dancing scene.

Shuffling All Over Social Sites

It’s no mystery that short content does well on social media. Maybe it's because there is so much to get through that the social audience doesn’t want to stick to just one video, or perhaps it is because people are using short breaks at work to keep up with their social favorites. Whatever the reason, the short and impressive nature of skillful shuffling has lent itself well to almost all social media platforms—and thanks to LED sneakers, we think that this trend will just keep going.

That’s why we have decided to introduce you to the highlights of the world of social media dancing and the key players that are getting people interested in cutting shapes over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!


Since we are speaking about Social Media, and the #hashag is so important to Social Media, it’s only right we start by going into a little more detail on exactly what the hashtag is and what it does; especially looking at how hashtags can affect the reach of your social shuffling escapades!

If you’re not familiar with the word “hashtag,” don’t worry, you’ll have seen it—the hashtag, or pound/octothorpe character as you may know it, is absolutely everywhere on social media and it looks a little like this: “#”

Now we know the hashtag character, its alias, and what it looks like… looks like it is time to find out what its purpose is in the world of social media. Now, we could talk for hours about every intricate detail in the history of the hashtag—from humble beginnings in the telephone industry all the way up to its control over modern social media—though you’ll find it much easier to digest via this infographic by Wrike.

What exactly do hashtags do on the various social media platforms that are compatible with them? In short, hashtags proceed keywords, allowing your content to reach like-minded people who are looking to view or discuss content related to that particular keyword and its related ideas. The advantage of using the hashtag is also quite simple; it allows you to connect to people who are not within your immediate social circle, groups, and pages—providing the possibility of your content reaching the far corners of your chosen subject matter.

Our subject matter, of course, is cutting shapes, dancing, and festivals - all within the edm and rave space. Shufflers come in all shapes and sizes, and they enjoy a massive variety of music—this makes it difficult to know which hashtag to use to ensure that the dance community get to see (and perhaps more importantly, share) your content. Fortunately, your only limit to the number of hashtags that you may use is the character limit for the platform you’re using—such as Twitter’s 140-character count. However, with instagram, feel free to use as many over the top hashtags as you feel necessary to get your content in front of the eyes of the right people. Since shufflers follow a wide range of interests, music genres, and styles, it’s always best to diversify your hashtag strategy to ensure maximum reach—because we’re kind, we’re even going to give you a few examples of popular hashtags from within the dance, rave, music, and EDM scenes:

#shuffling #EDM #house #stopdropandshuffle #melbourneshuffle #houseraver #cuttingshapes #music #girlswhoshuffle #raveready #cutshapesworld #dance #dancelikenobodyiswatching

Now it is time for an overly simplified example that’ll display the power of hashtags on social media. You decide to upload a video of you cutting some shapes at the local club or festival and as you are uploading your video, it is time to choose your hashtags. If you were to pick #shuffling and #cuttingshapes from the list above, you’d get your content right in front of an interested audience from around the world. However, some shuffle fans might be more interested in EDM than shuffling itself, so including the #EDM hashtag would help to extend your reach to a different section of viewers altogether—without sacrificing those viewers from your two original hashtags!


Official Facebook Icon

The chances are pretty good that you already have a Facebook account, after all, it is the most popular social media platform in the world—thanks to over 1.5 billion active monthly users. If you already use Facebook, then it’s also fairly likely that you have seen at least one of the many shuffling groups and communities that have sprung up, such as Shufflin.

Some of the Facebook pages were set up by famous shufflers, some were created by dance crews, and some are simply uploaded by amateurs who love cutting shapes—so, whatever you’re looking for, you can find an amazing community for discussion and video sharing on the world’s largest social media site; and that’s why Facebook is a great place to go when you’re just starting out.

Though Facebook is the most popular social media platform, its audience is typically older than that of the other social sites out there. While shuffling doesn’t discriminate by age, it does mean that dancers often need to look for other avenues in order to get their content and opinions in front of the eyes that really enjoy the subculture.


Official Twitter Icon

Although Twitter only has around one-third of the users that Facebook garners, lots of people really enjoy the shorthand format, the seemingly higher chance of celebrity interaction, and the ease of navigation; and the 140-character limit also helps to ensure that multimedia posts are appreciated more. For all of these reasons, shufflers from around the globe share their videos and discuss dancing via the platform.

While Facebook seems to be very community oriented, with groups of shufflers following specific pages and holding conversations and sharing content within those pages, Twitter tends to offer a much more public forum for shufflers. By simply searching for shuffling, you’ll find plenty of discussions, pictures, videos, and even songs to shuffle to—and some of the examples on display are awesome!

Whether you’re a veteran of the Tweet, or you’re completely new, the hashtag system employed by Twitter helps loads when you’re trying to find something in particular. Whether that is #shuffling, #EDM, or even #HoverKicks, the hashtag will quickly become your best friend!


Official Instagram Icon

The story of Instagram is an odd one though it bears similarities with the story of plenty of tech startup companies: somebody coded something for one thing (in this case, Burbn, a Foursquare-esque check-in app) and users began to use it for something entirely different—photo sharing. Luckily, the founders—Kevin and Mike—realized the potential their application had as an image sharing platform and deviated from the original idea; they rebranded to Instagram, got rid of all but the image sharing capabilities, and became the #1 application on the Apple Store in less than 24 hours.

Today, we have Instagram as we know it: “selfies” galore, artistic coffee; and of course, cats (because no image sharing platform on the internet would be complete without thousands of cat pictures). As interesting as all of this is, we’re more interested in the way that shufflers have adapted the site to their needs.

Groups of like-minded dancers who just love cutting shapes sprung up, sharing videos of their moves and discussing the intricacies of rocking, stepping, jumping, and kicking. The popularity of Instagram, combined with the skillful shufflers that are active on their site has led to some popular shuffle-sharers becoming social-celebrities in their own right.


Official youTube Icon

It’s sometimes hard to believe that until 2005, YouTube didn’t exist. In a little more than a decade, the video platform has grown from an amateur footage sharing site to the largest internet video portal in existence—by a long shot! In fact, as of 2015, the now Google-owned YouTube had a ridiculous 73% market share, dwarfing Netflix (the second biggest) by 64%!

Of course, YouTube is now synonymous with online video—and it has some impressive statistics to go with that status!

With almost 5 billion videos watched per day, it is no wonder that so many of dancing’s stars have turned to the Google’s video solution for sharing their moves, tutorials, and music videos. Obviously, YouTube has an enormous amount of content so creators need a little help in getting spotted among the crowd. Luckily, the related videos, subscription, and playlist features help to get people watching our superstars—and the more eyes they get on their videos, the more content they’re likely to upload.

We do have a warning for you. Before you venture off to view some of YouTube’s finest dancers cutting shapes, make sure you have enough free time before you hit that play button because watching playlists like this can keep you busy for hours!


Official Vine Icon

The Vine is someway of an anomaly among the more traditional social media platforms we’ve discussed above. In a similar vein to Twitter, Vine has been designed with short, sharp content in mind; in fact, its videos are only 6 seconds long.

While those uninitiated with The Vine may wonder what a video creator can actually achieve in 6 seconds, the creators themselves have managed to offer some fresh and entertaining content which can be viewed without whiling hours away in front of their computer or smartphone—everybody’s a winner. Popularized by comedy sketches, mishaps, and be like parodies, Vine also happens to have a host of celebrity contributors (like Jennette McCurdy of iCarly fame).

Of course, as with most modern social media, you’ll also find some brilliant—albeit short—clips from some really great dancers. 

So, if you fancy showing your moves in short clips, you should probably do it for the vine!


Official Reddit Icon

Reddit, the self-titled “front page of the internet,” is a social sharing site with an enormous audience—according to Alexa’s ranking system, it falls within the top 50 sites globally and the top 10 in the United States! By using a user-controlled up/down vote system to rank content in terms of perceived value according to the Reddit community, posts which garner positive attention early can snowball out of control at a ridiculous rate—and those who manage to hit the sacred front page can sometimes find that their life changes overnight!

Content and posts on Reddit are separated by subcategories—or subreddits—so before you begin your journey into the realm of Reddit, it is well worth knowing a few of the subreddits which will appreciate you sharing videos of you cutting shapes. Fortunately, we’ve got a few ideas for you right here!


Official Imgur Icon

Today, the Imgur name is ubiquitous with sharing images online. It’s crazy to think that in early 2009, Imgur was being built by Alan Schaaf in a dorm room of Ohio University and has grown to the point where it receives millions of visitors on a daily basis. What is great about Imgur, is that just about anything can reach the front page gallery and be viewed by a massive and global audience—which can in turn launch your other social media profiles, and your website if you have one, into the stratosphere.

Impress the Imgur crowd and you could soon be making a living doing what you love: shuffling!

See the Social Media Sensation for Yourself!

After reading all about the exciting world of social shuffling, we’re sure you want to head straight over to see what all the fuss is about. Great idea! First, however, why not take a quick look over the history of shuffling—where it came from, who is doing it, and why—so that you can get a true feel for the subculture surrounding this immensely fun dance style; and remember, a fresh pair of HoverKicks might be just what you need to make your own uploads stand out among the social media crowd!



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