Are You Back To School Ready?!🍎📚📝👟

Are You Back To School Ready?!🍎📚📝👟

It's just about that time of year again, so start sharpening your pencils! Going back to school shopping is always a favorite--getting all your notebooks, #2 pencils, sharpeners, erasers, pencil pouches, and most importantly, your first day of school outfit. This was always so crucial, to have an outfit that you love to start your year off right.

Luckily we have styles of shoes for every type of kid out there, that look great lit and even turned off! Save the lights for your walk or bus ride to school, recess, break or lunchtime, and still have a cool style of shoe that will look good and be comfortable for that eight hour day.

The Neptunes are a super comfy favorite for all day wear, and the Supernova has that classic, timeless look that can be paired with any outfit. The Luna is great for any activity. The Aurora is like walking on a cloud! We've got you covered for shoes.

Keen for a deal? Check out our clearance section for your favorite styles starting at just $29.99 :)

Have a great school year everyone!!




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