Best Deal on Hoverkicks: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Best Deal on Hoverkicks: Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday:

The holiday season is starting to kick in, (pun intended) and each year consumers are looking for the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Hoverkick’s original light up shoes make the perfect gift for both kids and adults. If you’re wondering what day you’ll get the best deal, check out what you can expect from our Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and decide which one is right for you.  

 HoverKicks Black Friday Deals:

Our Black Friday deals on HoverKicks start on Thanksgiving Day, and run all the way through Sunday. We will be having sales on our entire inventory of light up sneakers, so the whole family can enjoy their very own pair of HoverKicks. This Black Friday you can expect to buy more and save more, making it easy to outfit your whole family.

More than sixty percent of Black Friday deal seekers will be shopping in store this year, spending an average of $400 at each retailer. Are the in-store deals worth fighting the crowd?

No need to stand in long lines this Black Friday. In addition to our awesome Black Friday deals, all Hoverkick orders include free 2-day Shipping. Our deals are available from the comfort of your own home because less time fighting the crowds, means more time for Thanksgiving left overs.


HoverKicks Cyber Monday Deals:

For those of you who would rather wait the couple extra days, or are too busy to catch our Black Friday rewards, we have some Cyber Monday deals that will be worth the wait.

If you missed out on the Black Friday excitement, you’ve got one more chance to take part in HoverKicks’ holiday deals. While Cyber Monday means low inventory or potentially out of stock items, for those shoppers who don’t mind waiting a few extra days and taking the risk, the deals are well worth it. Make note however, our Cyber Monday deals will only be running for one full day so make sure to take advantage of the savings!

Tips to Save the Most Money this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  • If you are shopping for Cyber Monday deals, make sure you check the shipping dates, so your items arrive on time.
  • Before you head out on Black Friday, double check the ads and see which stores are open and at what time they open.
  • If you plan on doing all your holiday shopping online, bookmark the websites and if possible, add those products to a favorites list or cart. Doing this will eliminate any wasted time searching websites.
  • Make a list of each retailer that you plan on visiting on Black Friday, then decide on a budget that you are comfortable with. Create a list for each retailer and stick to the list.
  • Create a plan. Many stores on Black Friday will have limited quantities, so you will want to visit the store that has the biggest deals and savings first.
  • Stay calm during your Black Friday shopping. Remember, the stores will be very crowded and tempers tend to be short during these times.

Final Thoughts:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the two most popular shopping days of the year. You can score some great deals during these two days. Remember to have fun and stay within your budget and you will land the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!




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