Festival Fashion Guide: How You Should be Styling Your Hoverkicks

Festival Fashion Guide: How You Should be Styling Your Hoverkicks

With the holiday season over, the skies blue, and the temperatures rising, there’s no better time than now to get tickets to an upcoming EDM concert. The epic beats, glowing lights, and enticing energy are just what you need to get out of a winter slump, get your body moving, and meet some new amazing friends.

Electric fashion is where it’s at on the EDM festival scene today, and it all starts with the perfect pair of light up shoes for the dance floor. In this festival fashion guide, we’ll cover what to wear to an electronic concert and the types of winter & spring festival wear that are hot right now.

 What to Wear to an Electronic Concert

Everyone has his or her own personal style, but there are some fashion staples that have really come to define electric fashion. Festival outfits are full of fantasy, whimsy, escapism, and sex appeal. They’re colorful, bold, confident, and work as a way to fit in while still standing out.

Here are some of our favorite fashion statements for EDM festival outfits:

  • Space-themed leggings
  • Kaleidoscope glasses
  • Light up shoes
  • LED “everything”
  • Tutu skirts
  • Feathered headdress
  • Beaded crowns
  • Neon shoelaces
  • Oversized printed tees
  • Neon crop tops
  • Brightly colored wigs
  • Legwarmers
  • Trucker hats
Electric Fashion For Festivals

Ladies may be tempted to wear their highest heels to EDM festivals, but remember that you’ll be dancing all night and don’t want your shoes to slow you down.

While your outfit can be as crazy as you want, make sure that your shoes are comfortable. 

And with today’s rave-inspired designs, being comfortable doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion. Oh, and always wear closed toe shoes to avoid getting your toes stepped on by other dancers!

Hoverkicks Fashion Features

A common question that festival-goers have is “Where can I find light up shoes for adults?” The simple answer is HoverKicks, an NYC-based footwear brand that specializes in adult light up sneakers called Hoverkicks.

Light up shoes can really pull EDM festival outfits together and help you embrace the upbeat energy that made you fall in love with EDM music. Hoverkicks have a rechargeable USB battery that lasts up to six hours. That should be enough to keep your feet glowing all throughout the show and for the after-party too!

Choose between 7 static color modes, 1 strobe mode, or 3 color changing modes that you can customize based on your festival outfit and mood. Hoverkicks also come equipped with a wireless remote control, great for switching between different light up colors and patterns. 

Trendy Light Up Style Pairings

But of course, glowing shoes aren’t the only way to stand out with your festival wear. Light up LED shirts and sweaters are great for keeping you glowing from the inside out. Light up hoodies are ideal for winter shows and designed for both men and women in flashy and metallic colors.

Other LED light up clothing ideas for your edm festival are illuminated leggings and hats. Galactic inspired leggings are particularly hot right now, and they stand out even more with LED lights that draw attention to your dancing legs. The hottest light-up hats are outlined in lights and also feature a single word that strobes on and off. LED tutus add a fun touch to any EDM outfit, especially when paired with a cute bikini top and furry wings.

And don’t forget about accessories! Accessorizing for your EDM show is really the most fun part about getting ready. Glowing necklaces, bracelets, and belts pair perfectly with light up shoes. Light up headbands come in fun designs like cat ears, bunny ears, Mickey Mouse ears, and devil horns. Or embrace your inner prince or princess and wear a flashing LED crown.

Top off your look with pastel hair dye, a colorful wig, and maybe some face paint. Even hair pieces come with flashing LED lights these days! And since you’ll want to be as free as possible on the dance floor, bring a small backpack or fanny pack to the show so you aren’t fussing with a purse. Neon and glow-in-the-dark bags really pop and stand out with this trendy light up style.

It’s impossible to have the winter blues when you’re sporting these fun and funky electric fashion trends. So light it up and go all out!



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