Light up Shoes are This Summer's Music Festival Necessity

Light up Shoes are This Summer's Music Festival Necessity

Summertime is rapidly approaching and what better way to spend a long summer weekend than at a Music festival. Positive vibes, electric lights, and vivacious dancing are what you can look forward to at music festivals.

Festival fashion is very different from any type of fashion out there. It includes very bright colors, ostentatious styles, and anything that lights up is an absolute necessity. So it is no surprise that someone attending a music festival wouldn’t want to pick up a pair of Hoverkicks best-selling light up shoes.

Get “Lit” with Hoverkicks

Fashion is all about expressing yourself through image and perception. With fashion rapidly changing every year, everyone wants to stay up-to-date with what is hot and trending.

Led sneakers are where it is at and they are a perfect staple piece in any music festival outfit. In an age where everything is “LIT”, what would be better than getting lit with your light up shoes?

Dance All Night in Your Light up Shoes

Music Festivals go all day into the night and with Hoverkicks you do not have to worry about your light up shoes dying. There is a rechargeable USB port within the shoe. Most festivals have charging ports in particular locations so charging Hoverkicks should not be a concern.

Hoverkicks light up sneakers run up to 6 hours before they need to be charged so if you only want to wear them at night make sure they are fully charged and you should be set.They come in 7 different color modes, 1 strobe mode, or 3 color changing modes that you can customize yourself.

Hoverkicks also come with a remote control to make it easier to change the color modes, especially if you are dancing and want to give a good show to your fellow party goers.


Hoverkicks Summer 2017 Music Festival Guide

Summer time has so many festivals to attend and we have compiled a list of the most popular and electrifying ones:

Camp Bisco

Firefly Music Festival

EDC Las Vegas

Paradiso Festival

Electric Forest Festival


Governors Ball



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