Missed the first few festivals and don't know what to do with the rest of your Summer? We've got you covered.

Missed the first few festivals and don't know what to do with the rest of your Summer? We've got you covered.

It's our favorite time of year again—FESTIVAL SEASON! If you haven't made it to GovBall, EDC, or Firefly, don’t worry! There are still plenty of festivals left! So get your Hoverkicks charged and come dance with us, because we've rounded up a list of the best festivals for you! 


1.Electric Forest-June 22th-25th, June 29th-July 2nd, Rothbury, MI 

Have 8 days to party? Like electronica, indie rock and jam bands? Enjoy dancing in the forest? Electric Forest may be the festival for you! Spanning over eight days and two weekends, you can get passes for one of the weekends or try for both. If you live outside of Michigan, we highly suggest taking a lengthy road trip to explore before the festival. Check it out the lineup here: https://www.electricforestfestival.com/2017-info/lineup/ 

 2. Paradiso Fest-June 23rd-24th, Gorge Ampitheatre, Columbia River, Washington 

Wow. This is EDM fantasyland! The largest EDM festival in the Pacific Northwest, Paradiso ,hosts top DJS, dance parties and fun smack dab in the middle of a majestic gorge in Washington. The setting alone will take your breath away. Enjoy nature and some of the best EDM DJs for two unforgettable days. http://paradisofestival.com/ 

3. ULTRA-July 14th-16th, Split, Croatia 

You're probably familiar with quintessential EDM festival Ultra Miami, which is probably the USA's biggest and best Electronica dance party. Ultra has gotten so much worldwide attention that they've expanded the festival internationally. Backpacking EuroLand this summer? Croatia needs to be on your list with its beautiful beaches, nightlife, architecture, people, and awesome food. Double up your experience by throwing in an unforgettable weekend at Ultra in Split; we promise you won't be disappointed. https://ultraeurope.com/tickets/2017/ 

 4. Camp Bisco-July 13th-15th, Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA 

Scranton isn't just home to The Office, but a rad, low-key EDM/dub festival headlined predominately by the Disco Biscuits. If massive crowds give you a bit of anxiety, but you still want to dance to awesome DJs, Camp Bisco is a great festival for you. Check out the lineup here: http://campbisco.com/artists/ 

 5. TOMORROWLAND-JULY 21st-23rd, 28th-30th, Boom, Belgium 

Tomorrowland is the holy grail of electronic festivals. The absolute best DJs in the world on over 15 stages and two weekends, it always sells out in minutes. Insider tip?  If you weren't one of the lucky ones to get tickets through Tomorrowland directly, they're  are unofficially available through Viagogo. The base gets so loud, the named the town it's held in Boom! Well, that's not entirely accurate. Haha. Check it out here https://www.tomorrowland.com/en/festival/welcome 

 6. PANORAMA-July 28th-30th, Randall's Island, NYC 

Panorama; the festival New York had been waiting for! East Coasters were tired of lugging festival gear all the way to Coachella Valley, so Coachella created a solution; an East Coast version on Randall's Island in NYC. The best part? It's not as widely known yet as Coachella, so there's a little room to breathe and a better availability of tickets. Last summer was the first one, and it was awesome! No camping, but feel free to crash on a friend's couch or at a Brooklyn hostel and take the Subway up to the Bronx. Bus tickets are available from the subway station to the festival, but we suggest ditching the queue and walking over the bridge. Don't forget your water bottle, because it's HOT! http://www.panorama.nyc/ 

 7. Lollapalooza-August 3rd-6th, Chicago, IL 

From EDM to indie rock to heavy metal to comedy shows to craft booths, Lollapalooza has everything. Lolla started in '91, so they've had over two decades worth of festivals to make it amazing; you know they're doing it right! Didn't get your ticket in time? Lollapalooza's official website has a verified ticket resale option so you know your festival pass is 100% legit.  https://www.lollapalooza.com/ 

 8. Burning Man-August 27th-September 4, Black Rock Desert, NV 

We're sure you've heard of Burning Man before, but in case you haven't it's a festival unlike anything else in the world. Every August, thousands of camper vans [even pirate ships!] make their way through the Sierra Nevadas to the playa in Black Rock Desert for a week of music, art, and unparalleled experiences. The more neon and glowsticks the better. LED shoes? Necessary! Don't mind getting dirty? Like to bike? Prefer trading trinkets over spending cash at food stands? Go to Burning Man. Protip: Exhausted after and want some good food and scenery on your way home? Stop in Truckee, CA to take in the sights of Lake Tahoe. Don't worry, they're not scared of the Playa dust. https://burningman.org/ 

9. Electric Zoo-September 1st-3rd, Randall's Island, NYC 

School's about to start again so what better way to wrap up Summer than with a Labor Day weekend electronic music festival? !Dance your heart out to the top international DJs of all electronic music genres in the best weather New York has all year. Tier 3 tickets are still available on their site, so get ready your glowsticks and check out http://electriczoofestival.com/

10. Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando-Nov 10th-11th Tinker Field, Orlando, Florida 

AKA EDC AKA AWESOME! If you missed EDC in Vegas, don't fret—pack your bags and head to Florida! EDC hosts the world's biggest and best DJs for one of the biggest dance parties in the USA. Ibiza has nothin' on us! Be sure to bring a hydration backpack and empty water bottles; Florida gets HOT. Have a few extra days? Unwind at Disneyworld or trek over to the ocean and enjoy Florida's beaches.


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