New Back to School LED Shoe Styles by HoverKicks

Admit it. Even if you dread the end of summer, you’re a little excited to go back to school.

Whether you’re nervous, or just happy to see your friends every day - the first day of school is nerve-wracking. What teachers will you have ? Will you end up sitting next to your crush? You cross your fingers and hold your breath, hoping that you’ll have classes with a friend.

But the best part of back to school season? Shopping.

Step back into the hallways in fashion. We’re launching the latest Hoverkicks styles just in time for back to school. Find your best fit yet with our light up sneakers that promise all-day comfort. We guarantee it’ll be love at first sight when you open the box.

Discover an Enhanced Experience

We’re always looking for ways to deliver groundbreaking technology to you – that’s why we’re excited to offer an innovative way to enjoy your light up sneakers

Recently, we unleashed our Remote Control Upgrade Kit. If you haven’t had the opportunity to test it out yet, here’s your chance! Because every one of our new styles comes equipped with a convenient remote control. We’ve engineered this lightweight remote to eliminate the need for digging into your shoe when you want to switch between light colors and modes.

And you won’t have to lift a finger to get your remote control set up. We’ve already installed it so you can start the fun right away.

Check out our brand new LED light shoe designs. The entire family can join in on the fun because the latest styles come in sizes for adults, big kids, and children.

Hoverkick Nova in Gold

Nova in Gold Light Up Shoes - HoverKicks

Shine brighter than ever this school year with our Nova style in metallic gold.

Are you looking to refresh your shoe collection by introducing some attitude into it? This style was meant for you if you’re after an eye-catching style that reflects your bold personality.

Metallic kicks are trending big right now, and it’s easy to see why. These iridescent low-top LED sneakers instantly dress up any outfit – with reflective gold metal and flashy light up soles you’re making double the statement. Contrasting black laces pack an extra punch.

Whether you’re at school or on the go during the weekend, it’s easy to take these shoes from day to night like your favorite musicians.

Hoverkick Super Nova in Pink

Super Nova Light Up Shoe in Light Pink - HoverKicks

These light and airy high tops put an extra bounce in your step.

If you prefer to let your LED light soles be the star, this all-over muted pink Super Nova is perfect for you. Our brand new high-tops bring together pink leather with matching laces, stitching, and an additional Velcro closure to provide extra support at the ankle.

But don’t let the feminine pink fool you.

These cushioned light shoes were built for high performance, with perforated details at the toe for more breathability. You can feel free to let loose and cut shapes after you fasten into these stylish kicks. It’s good for your soul.

Hoverkick Bowie

Bowie Light Up Shoes - HoverKicks

So you have an adventurous side? Let it out. Take things up a notch with our edgiest pair of LED sneakers yet. Our Bowie model was made for rock stars like you, featuring mega glam all-over studs.

People will already be admiring your cool sneakers, so wait until you surprise them with an electric LED light demonstration. The display will be show stopping. Pack them in your bags for upcoming fall music festivals like the Electric Zoo Festival in New York, and Austin City Limits Festival in Texas.

Hoverkick Venice

Venice Light Up Shoe - HoverKicks

Stay on top of the latest street style trends with the Venice light up sneakers.

We’ve got you covered with an exciting new everyday shoe. This elaborate style (with its bright floral print) is a fun pop of color against black velvet accents – you’ll want to wear them with everything.

Florals aren’t just for spring anymore. Combining fashion trends with cutting-edge technology is what we do best.

With a full charge, you can switch between LED light settings for up to 6 hours. If you want your light up show to last into the night, feel free to hit the off button on your remote control. Conserve your battery life. Because these trendy sneakers look great even with the lights off.

Hoverkick Nova in Patent Leather

Patent Light Up Shoe

The classic Nova light up sneakers receive another modern makeover with glossy patent leather. Our Nova styles have always been a bestseller – so we took them to a new level with a high shine polish. These smooth kicks make an impact with a reflective finish.

The all black surface makes them versatile enough to wear with anything in your closet, and the LED lights will really stand out when you wear them out at night. Whether you’re at a party or a concert, everyone will notice your impressive demonstration.

HoverKick All Star

All Star Light Up Shoes - HoverKicks

Be at the top of your game. All Star high-tops merge leather with metal to create a sneaker fit for leaders.

If you’re after high shine metal (but aren’t ready for committing to all-over metallic), you need these sneakers. You’ll love the pops of gold accents. Snap together the gold loop closure after you lace up your new kicks – you’ll notice star shaped studs and a metal cap design over the toes too.

The best part? We’re releasing this brand new Hoverkicks style in three different colors. You get to choose between white, black, or red.

Which Pair Will You Get?

Whether your style is more trendy or edgy, we’ve got the shoes to fit your lifestyle. Our newest designs come in high-top and low-top profiles to add to your collection. Find your light shoes size today, and put your best foot forward in and out of the classroom this year.




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