Top 15 Ways You Know You’re an EDM Fan

Are you a casual listener or an EDM super-fan?

Electronic dance music has exploded into the mainstream in the last 5 years, going from underground to a full-blown global phenomenon. With the growing popularity of EDM, the line between ordinary fans and devoted enthusiasts has become blurred.

Did your appreciation for EDM start off innocent but escalate into a passionate lifestyle? If you can’t remember what you listened to before you discovered trap music, here are 15 ways that reveal you’re addicted to EDM:

Top 15 Signs of an EDM Fan

1.  You Attend EDM Music Festivals

Feeling the bass drop live is a must-have experience for you. Whether it involves jumping on a plane to Miami beach for the Ultra Music Festival or heading midwest for the Electric Forest Festival missing out isn’t an option for you.

Attending music festivals allows you to not only watch your favorite DJs perform, but discover new EDM artists you haven’t had the chance to listen to yet. Nothing can beat the thrilling energy of a crowd and live performers. The music takes over and builds an atmosphere of unity that connects you with thousands of other fans.

Electric Forest Music Festival - Top 15 Reasons You Are An EDM Fan  

2. You Listen to Hardwell

Your playlists are filled with music from DJs and producers like Excision, Alison Wonderland, and Adventure Club. Spotify and Soundcloud are your most used apps on your phone and you rotate through them to get your bass fix. You also know that Youtube isn’t just for watching videos -- it’s a goldmine for finding new EDM artists and remixes on channels like Monstercat and Majestic Casual.

Hardwell at EDM music Festival 2016

3. When the Bass Drops You Shuffle

You get lost in the beats and can’t help but dance when the music comes on. In fact, you practiced your shuffle for hours at home and parties in order to attempt perfecting your technique. Even if you haven’t mastered the steps yet, you still flow and stomp anyway in your Hoverkicks. You know your fellow EDM fans won’t be judging you either way.

4. Neon Rainbows Have Taken Over Your Closet

EDM is about freedom of expression, and your closet is evidence. Bright neon colors are quickly beginning to take over your entire wardrobe and your collection of festival accessories won’t stop growing. The more elaborate the better. Rainbow furry leg warmers, animal fur hoods, and your very own pair of LED light up sneakers are all essentials.

Led shoes by HoverKicks 

5. Festival Season is the Only Season

You look forward to the beginning of summer all year, but not because of beach vacations or warming up with beautiful weather. Summertime marks the return of festival season and the ultimate escape from reality. You’ll spend your vacations camping out across the nation at festivals like Movement and Moonrise. If you’re lucky enough you’ll get to experience traveling to Belgium to take part in Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Music Festival

6. You Own Light Up Sneakers

Any opportunity to glow up and put on a light show won’t be missed by you. Especially when you also need functional shoes to stand around in all day. When the music begins, you start showing off in your Hoverkicks light up sneakers. You even grabbed the upgraded version with a remote control to impress your friends with your footwork.

led light up sneakers by HoverKicks

7. Friends Are Spread Across the World

Community is a major part of what makes EDM so special. Music festivals build friendships with people from all over the nation and globe. You’ve made international friends from multiple continents during your festival travels, and your squad continues to stay in touch on social media until the next show. How did we even exist before technology?

EDC Music Festival

8. You Spend Hours Creating Kandi

Pony beads are scattered throughout your room from the many nights you spend hours making kandi bracelets, cuffs, and necklaces. You get excited while making kandi because you can’t wait to share it with other fans! Looking at your kandi brings an immediate smile to your face because they hold a lot of meaning and take you back to special memories.

Kandi Beads for Music Festivals

9. Deep House and Progressive Trance Aren’t the Same

You can actually identify the different subgenres of electronic dance music and wouldn’t dare refer to dubstep as drum and bass music. When you’re asked how to distinguish between genres you go into a long explanation about tempos, basslines, buildups, and drops. You’ll correct anyone who tries to tell you Diplo only falls into the category of trap music.

15 ways you are an edm fan

10. You Saved Up for Months to Attend EDC Las Vegas

Skipping nights out with friends is a sacrifice you’re okay with making if it means you can attend the biggest EDM celebration of the year -- the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada. There’s no way you’re going to miss out on a festival that brings together 200 of the top DJs and producers performing for over 400,000 fans.

edc las vegas

11. Countdowns to the Latest Festival Lineup Seem Endless

Anxiously awaiting the release of this year’s lineup announcements is practically torture. It seems like festival organizers purposely drop hints to keep you guessing up until the very last minute. You must find out now who you’re going to hear perform, because you’ve already bought your ticket anyway.

12. PLUR is a Lifestyle and Not a Motto

You know PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Your lifestyle is all about welcoming positive vibes, love for your EDM family, celebrating music through solidarity, and respect for others. It’s not simply a motto to you, but what you aspire to everyday.

keep calm and just plur

13. Your Instagram Starts Blowing Up

During festival season your Instagram feed is suddenly filled with colorful photos of DJ’s stage shows and your friends dancing around. Your posts are signed with hashtags like #basshead and #ravelife. You also have 50 new followers and friend requests from people you just met at concerts.  

EDM Festivals and Social Media

14. If You Can’t Join, Live Streams Are the Next Best Thing

For the shows you can’t make it to, you’ll round up a group of friends to watch at home with you through live streams. It’s not the same because you’re still experiencing major FOMO, but at least you can understand why everyone is talking about how Eric Prydz’s mind-blowing performance was a total banger.

Live Stream for Music Festivals

15. Staying Until the Very End

You can’t bring yourself to leave the show until the last set is over. Who needs sleep when you could potentially miss the best part of the entire weekend? You analyze every aspect of the performance with your squad when it finally ends, reliving your top moments from the songs, stage sets, artists, and the crowd.

Do these signs look familiar to you?

If you can relate, you’re probably an EDM fan.

Even if you can’t make it to every concert or party you want to attend, or don’t have the time to work on improving your kandi-making skills, the EDM community will always welcome you with open arms.  



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