Top Light Up Shoe Styles That You NEED In Your Life

Hoverkicks aren’t your average pair of sneakers.

The light up sneaker look is here to stay. Even celebrities are jumping on this trend, proving it’s not just for kids anymore. Is your sneaker game strong? Let your shoes do the talking for you this season and take your collection to next level status with a pair of glow shoes. You can pull off the latest LED shoes too, no matter what age you are.

We’ve upgraded classic shoe designs with cutting edge LED light technology to create over 65 style options to choose from. How do you narrow down which one is right for you? Here’s a guide to get started with:

The Top 9 Light Up Sneaker Styles You Need in Your Closet

1. Super Nova in Black

HoverKicks Super Nova light up shoes in Black - $79.99

The sneaker that started it all. Our black Super Novas are a classic high top style that still remain one of our most popular options today. Get them in black and wear them out at night to a party or the club – watch how the LED lights really pop against a dark pair of light up shoes.

Get a great gift for anyone in the family, whether you’re shopping for an adult or big kid. We have sizing options for men and women, but we even carry the mini model for kids to join in too!

2. Metallic Super Nova in Silver

HoverKicks Super Nova light up shoes in Metallic Silver - $89.99

Want to get the attention of your crush? Then you need the Super Novas in Metallic Silver. These sneakers get a lot of looks in your direction and show off your love for the latest and best fashion trends.

They’re perfect for a flashy shoe during the daytime – even if you don’t turn on your LED lights until after dark. Wear them to school or to cheer on your team at a sporting event. We offer the Metallic Super Nova in silver for men, women, and big kids.

3. Nova Perf in White

HoverKicks Perf White Nova light up shoes - $69.99

Our bestselling Nova Perf is an updated version of the classic white sneaker for adult men and women. Lace up into a pair of these low-tops with perforated detail that allows extra breathability and ease.

You can wear these all day long, no matter what the occasion, because white LED sneakers will match everything. Whether you’re hanging out in a pair of a jeans over the weekend, or wearing Novas with a casual t-shirt dress, after the sun sets hit the switch to get a glow that lasts the rest of the night. Your big kids will love them too.

4. Super Nova in Red

HoverKicks light up shoes - Super Nova in Red - $79.99

This new style of bold all-red light shoes shows off your confidence the instant you slip them on. You’ll stand out as an individual who likes to have fun with fashion in any pair of LED sneakers, but especially when they’re bright red.

We carry sizes for the entire family, from adult to big kids and little kids. Red Super Novas look great with clothing in traditional neutrals like white, black, and navy. In fact, if you have the personality for red sneakers you can probably make them work with most of your wardrobe. Just stick with avoiding orange or pink at the same time.  

5. Luna in White with Total Remote Control

Apollo light up shoe in white - HoverKicks - $69.00HoverKicks Remote Control For Light up Shoes

Our latest release, Luna Shoe, are more high-tech than ever. They come with a remote control included in your purchase with no extra cost to you! These white low tops include a breathable material great for those hot summer months!

Turn on the sneakers and for the brightest LED show, guaranteed. You won’t need any help seeing in the dark when you’re in these Hoverkicks. Use the remote control to command the lights on your shoes to switch between 16 different colors and 5 light changing modes.

6. Orion in Black

HoverKicks Black Orion Light up shoe - $99.00

Nail the streetwear-meets-athletic vibe in these limited edition high tops. The Orion black high tops are a total game changer, and you can find your adult or big kid size in the Orion high tops.

They feature edgy details, like silver metal hardware across the front of the closure, a crocodile skin pattern, and zippers on the side of the upper. Wear them out to impress at a party or when you’re out dancing with friends. Dancing with your squad isn’t just fun either. It’s also healthy for you, so don’t stop moving.

7. Nova in Music Notes

HoverKicks Music Notes Nova light up shoes - $69.00

Do you immediately start moving when your favorite song comes on the radio? Novas in Music Notes were made for true music lovers who want to tell the world their passion. The white low tops are printed with a music notes design.

These shoes are a summer essential for attending concerts. If you’re shy and have trouble talking to new people, Hoverkicks are a surefire conversation starter.

8. Sirius Velcro in Black

HoverKicks Little Kids Sirius in Black - $59.00

When it comes to birthday gifts, kids get a lot of clothes. You’re constantly updating their closet as they continue to grow. And let’s be honest, kids aren’t always excited to receive clothes as a present.

So give them a present they’ll be thrilled to receive! Let your little ones get in on the light up sneakers fun too. Hoverkicks combine function and entertainment in a new toy for children. Our selection of Sirius shoes is made exclusively for the kids – a convenient Velcro closure makes it easy for them to take them on and off.

9. Super Pegasus in Blue

HoverKicks Super Pegasus in Blue - $69.00

Send them back to school in a pair of shoes they’ll be excited to put on in the morning. Our Super Pegasus in Blue sneakers include an elaborate wing design that will make your kids feel like the coolest student in the classroom.

Learning how to get dressed is a milestone for young kids, so help them embrace it. Super Pegasus sneakers also provide three convenient hook and loop velcro closures for your independent child who wants to get dressed by themselves.

At the End of the Day

You won’t want to take your LED sneakers off to charge them, but did you know that by doing so you’re helping the environment too? Rechargeable batteries help eliminate the waste and environmental impact that is caused from disposable batteries. Not only will your light up shoes provide entertainment - you can feel good about wearing them too.

This guide is just the beginning. Shop the rest of our collection for your family today. We know you’ll find the Hoverkicks style that reflects you.  



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