Where to dance? Take a look at our Favorite 9 dance studios in the US.

Where to dance? Take a look at our Favorite 9 dance studios in the US.

Dance and light up sneakers pretty much go hand in hand. We love to dance over here at Hoverkicks, and we'll bet that you do too! Recently a few of you asked us where to take lessons to become a top dancer, so we've compiled a list of our favorite dance studios across the US just for you.

1. Millennium Dance Complex

So many incredible dancers are a product of MDC, so they must be doing something right! MDC has an amazing ability to extrapolate dancers' abilities into skill that's out of this world all while fostering creativity and passion in a fun and positive way. Their first and most well known studio is located in Los Angeles, CA, but they also have locations in Orange County, Salt Lake City, Denver, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and even Tokyo! MDC offers master classes, dance intensives, training programs, and kids classes. Don't be intimidated though, while most of their classes are aimed towards advanced dancers, they offer classes of all levels and abilities in an atmosphere of positivity and love. If you live near one of their locations, it's definitely worth taking a class.

2. Broadway Dance Center

New York City's own, BDC started in the 80's as a training facility for Broadway dancers and dreamers. With seven state of the art studios and over 350 classes a week, there is something for every type of dancing and every level of dancer. Drop in classes available for both children and adults. International? Don't fret. BDC has a program that offers international students a dance visa.

3. Abby Lee Dance Company Facility

The ALDC is probably the most well know dance studio in the US, especially in non dance related circles. The ALDC was created by the choreographer Abby Lee in Pittsburgh, PA, where it rose to fame with the popular TV series Dance Moms. While the dance competition team itself is extremely difficult to become apart of, their LA facility offers classes for all ages and genres of dance; they even offer acting classes and voice lessons!


Fresh off the press, IMMA SPACE is a new LA dance studio born out of Wildabeast Adam's dance company and awesome dancewear brand immaBEAST. Their motto, SPACE stands for Strong Positive Attitudes Change Everything. We love that! IMMA SPACE offers classes and tutorials spanning different genres of dance, but they're known for hip hop and tutting. One thing we love about the faculty at IMMA is that they're not afraid to mix together different styles of dance in their choreography. Our dream class? Janelle Ginestra.

5. Playground LA

Playground LA is smack dab in the middle of LA's everything scene on Melrose. Want to become an amazing hip hop dancer? Playground offers classes from beginning to advanced as well as a bangin' bootcamp to get in shape. Single classes are only $16 with an intro class pack of 10 classes for $60, so no excuses. Get ready to sweat!

6.Debbie Reynolds Studio

If only those walls could talk! The woman, the myth, the legend Debbie Reynolds herself started this dance studio in the '70's, with countless Hollywood celebs coming through its doors since inception. Offering hip hop, Jazz, Funk and even Bollywood classes, if you want to dance among the stars this studio may be the one for you. Most classes are intermediate to advanced although there are a few beginner and open level classes. A single non-union class? $13. Not too shabby!


There is so much history with dancer Alvin Ailey; his legacy was that dance comes from the people and should be given back to the people. The Alvin Ailey company offers both a school and drop in classes at its Ailey Extensions, whose motto is "Real classes for Real People." They offer classes at all levels in Afro-Caribbean, Contemporary, Pilates, Theatre Dancing, Ballet and Samba just to name a few. And side note, have you SEEN that view?!


8. Steps on Broadway

Steps is an internationally known studio that has been around since the late '70's and is deeply ingrained in NYC's dance history. This studio is great for classically trained dancers in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Tap, but also has classes for beginners, world dancers, and yoga/pilates; all styles and all ages are welcome! We recommend buying the 10 pack class pass to get the most bang for your buck.


Dance Factory NYC

9. Dance Factory NYC

Last but definitely not least is a Hoverkicks team favorite, Dance Factory in Staten Island, NY. The instructors are fab and offer classes in every discipline-ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, contemporary, pointe, tap and even acrobatics.  Most of the instructors are graduates of the famous Fiorello H. La Guardia High School of Performing Arts in NYC. You can find some of these dancers at New York Knicks Games as Knicks City Dancers or places on Broadway!

You won't go wrong with any of the above studios--they're all great! Beginner dancer, advanced, or even if you are a dancer that hasn't taken a class in 20 years; now is the time. So get out there and dance!!!  

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