Wear and Tear: How to Care for your Hoverkicks

Wear and Tear: How to Care for your Hoverkicks 

You dance. You run. You live. Inevitably, your shoes are going to get a bit mucky. Whereas your normal kicks can be chucked in washing machine, remember, Hoverkicks have batteries and lights in them. For the love of dancing, please resist all urge to throw these in the laundry! 


Protect your Hoverkicks from Day One 

A great way to prevent surface damage and make cleaning your shoes generally easier and quicker is to apply a shoe protection spray or moisturizing cream on your shoes. There are a plethora of products out there for this. Need a recommendation? I use KIWI Care on mine. Check them out HERE. 

Forgot to spray them before you wore them? No problem. Follow the cleaning instructions below, make sure they're spic and span, and then apply spray or cream. 



So how do I keep my kicks fresh and clean? 

KEEP THE BATTERY AND CHARGING PORT DRY; we cannot stress that enough. The battery is located in the heel of your Hoverkicks, and the charging port and power button are located in the inside portion [think big toe side] of your shoe next to the tongue.  


First, take a dry microfiber cloth to easily wipe off the excess dust. Do this regularly to avoid any buildup. Second, grab a damp washcloth [wring out excess water], mild soap, and gently wipe away any dirt. Wet wipes and Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers work well for this. Lots of festival mud? Need to change your toothbrush as well? Take your old toothbrush and gently rub the rubber soles; soft brushes are preferable! Pat your shoes dry with another cloth. Feel free to leave next to an open window out of direct sunlight  

As for the stink, depending on how hard you dance, they may get a bit smelly. Baking soda is a cheap and easy way to keep your shoes smelling great! Feel free to leave next to an open window, out of direct sunlight, to air them out even more.T o check out more on that, click here :http://www.rd.com/home/cleaning-organizing/keep-shoes-smelling-fresh/ 


Love your shoes. Experience life. And don't forget to dance, dance DANCE!!! 


<3, Kari 



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